Flannel Pancakes Made From Scratch, a Budget-Friendly Recipe

Immediately after i had been mounting up pancake and waffle mixes failed to exist and my mom built the batter from scratch. I used to check out her impatiently, on the lookout ahead towards the pancakes and sweet syrup. Foods was scarce at that time and we experienced been fortuitous if there was bacon or sausage to go along with the Pancakes From Scratch.

I’ve acquired pancake mixes, but I do not much like the sorts that include corn food stuff. Separately, I do not like corn meal in my pancakes primarily because it tends to make them way too thick. Thinner, crepe-like pancakes flavor larger to me.

The primary recipe for my mother’s pancakes arrived throughout the Victory Binding from the American Woman’s Put together evening meal E book, initially discovered in 1943. This wartime model contained several meatless recipes and “victory substitutes and affordable substitutes for delightful wartime meals.” One specific area of your respective cookbook tells how you can render undesired excess fat and this brought back again reminiscences.

I had been a youthful kid for your length of World War II and remember university fireside drills (we recognized they were air raid drills) and blackout intervals, when certainly everybody turned off their lights. Family members skilled ration stamp textbooks for scarce food items goods like meat, sugar, and product. The federal governing administration questioned individuals these days to prevent squandering extra fat in tin cans. Certainly one of my occupations was to get the cans of unwelcome excess fat towards the location butcher, who gave me money for each someone.

Almost each family on our block saved unwanted extra fat and experienced a Victory Backyard back garden. These community gardens–potatoes, carrots, lettuce, beets, in addition to other vegetables–helped to feed us and united us with the war vitality. Flour and eggs had been out there which might be why my mom created the Flannel Cakes recipe from the wartime cookbook.

This can be the crucial recipe. I include things like a bit sugar and vanilla for added taste. My spouse and i are checking our sugar consumption, so I serve the pancakes with sugar-free or mild syrup. As an alternative of such as berries towards the batter, I insert blueberries in direction of the syrup and heat it concerning the stove. This turns the syrup blue and that’s great with us.

Are you currently looking for a budget-friendly, tasty foodstuff? This recipe for Flannel Cakes may be just the issue.


2 cups pre-sifted all-purpose flour

one teaspoon salt

three teaspoons baking powder

two significant eggs, region temperature

two cups milk (usual, 2%, skim, or lessened fats buttermilk)

1 tablespoon melted butter

two tablespoons sugar

one teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Syrup with the choice


Whisk flour, salt, and baking powder collectively. Impartial the egg yolks inside the white. Whisk yolks effectively. Incorporate milk, melted butter, and butter to egg yolks. Stir flour combination into egg mixture. Defeat egg whites by acquiring an electrical beater until finally ultimately rigid but not dry. Diligently fold crushed whites into pancake batter. Bake on greased, scorching griddle, browning pancakes on both sides. Could make 24 pancakes.